about us

Harshad Mango Products Pvt. Ltd.

Hampa was started in 1994 in Netrang, Ta.-Zaghadia, Dist.-Bharuch, Gujarat.

Hampa is always committed to quality and integrity, and that’s what reflects in our products that never fail to delight our customers.With a single goal of offering our customers a superior range of products that they can choose as per their needs.In that quest, we have broadened our business horizon by introducing Canned Mango Pulp,
All Indian Pickles, Different Fruit & Vegetable Chutneys, Condiments, Pastes Sauces,Tomato Ketch-up, & Other Processed Food.

Despite the considerable success the company has achived, it continues to invest substantial resources in exploring and adopting the latest technological advancements in their chosen field. Which is what enables thier R&D to constantly come up with new, innovative solutions.

But the focus on the commercial aspects of their ventures, has not made the company lose their human touch.The organization cares for its people, as much as it does for its products. And when we say ‘people’, we refer to all its the staff, suppliers,clients all the way to its end-users the customers, More so,as their products are meant for human consumption. In fact, Hampa motto has always been to launch brands that will make “From The Roots Of India”.


Strategic location

One of the major advantages of Hampa is its strategic location. The company has intentionally set up base in the middle Area of the Row Mango. This way, it is ensured of a regular supply of raw material.Having a port close by is an added plus advantages. Finally, its location on Netrang, provides several logistic advantages.


Our vision is to be globally recognized company to product and market the beast worldclass quality food products by adopting worldclass latest enviornment friendly technology.


” From the roots of india ”

In our journey to the top we ensure to deliver the best value proposition as per global standards in each and every area for the total satisfaction of our customers,vendors & partners, thus to contribute nation’s growth.

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